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April 05, 2008


Livia Iacolare

Hey Damiano, I know for sure that the name of this ad is "The Secret" and I believe it was produced by a British agency. Don't know who is the director though. It's not a very old ad, it started airing on 2007.

p.s. my surname is Iacolare ;)

I'm glad you reposted it, I think it's amazing and aesthetically perfect. Soon I'll post another Campari commercial.


Haha, this made me chuckle! It's called the Secret (2005) and was shot by Tarsem. You can find more here: http://camparigroup.com/en/press_media/campari.jsp History of Communication.

Happy thoughts


I think it plays with androgny quite nicely.


this is the sort of thing that if not done right on the mark, can be absolutely awful.

this however was done right on the mark. Its a good, solid idea with a simple reverse punchline. The look and music fit... its not over complicated, the shots are good choices for it, it just works.

Only slight niggle, I knew the 'waiter' was a woman.. but it doesnt really matter.

A good spot. Thanks for sharing.

ייעוץ זוגי

I think the announcement is a couple of years, and the use of original music by Jocelyn Pook Eyes Wide Shut.

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