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March 24, 2008


Ray Grieselhuber

Great presentation. Funny, too.

John Dodds

Preaching to the choir Paul, but two points.

1) Advertising is a subset of marketing - I hate when companies talk about sales & marketing (it shows me they culturally don't get it) and I had the same reaction to seeing advertising & marketing. It's ALL marketing.

2) I make point 1 grumpily because I think at its heart lies the root cause of all the problems. The rise of advertising/promotion and the morphing of it into some bastard child called "branding" (a word that should never have become a verb) is what took people's eye off the product/service. Before then, companies tried to do it right and create great stuff that genuinely met customer needs. It's not so much the end of an era as the end of a blip.

paul isakson

Thank you for sharing this and for the kind words, Damiano.

John - Absolutely agree on all points. I really didn't think anyone would pick this up as it is just a concise summary of many of the conversations/topics going on right now. It really was just a 10 - 15 talk over lunch with people in our agency on "here are some things going on we should pay attention to."

I wasn't trying to say that advertising and marketing are the same. I do know there are many parts to marketing beyond advertising and promotions and sales.

Also agree that the idea of "branding" got in the way in the first place. People took this to mean that they should try to make the product sound cool so it says something cool about you instead of actually being great which would inherently make it cool, at least for what it is. (Cool isn't the best word, I know, but I think you know what I mean.)

The main point of my talk was that we need to focus our energy and creative thinking on helping our clients find new ways to attract people to their products and then build a connection with them. We need to stop just thinking in terms of traditional advertising and saying things - one way communications being replaced by experiences and conversations.

As I said in the post on my blog, if people have been paying attention this is all nothing new. Truly, I didn't expect people to take off with it like they have.


Great presentation on where marketing is headed. I think it's dead on about building marketing into the product, and it is one of the most complete/simple explanations of the future of marketing that I have heard.

Dan Keldsen

Very nice, I love the misdirection and reinforcement of the underlying theme via multiple story lines.

Good food for thought - and I believe one of the keys Paul hit here is the "but what if our products/etc are simply boring?"

Very tricky, but unless your products are so horrid or useless that nobody is interested, the issue is in tapping into the interests of your followers/buyers, and magnifying that.

Being able to capture interest and complaints are turn those into experiments for improvement is some powerful stuff - ah, open innovation, when will more companies "get this?"


great presentation. thanks

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